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Frutti Pops

Informative Graphic Style Surface Design & Illustration for an alcohol brand

For the launch of a new product of alcoholic fruit juices my client wanted a design that was both modern and graphic, that would place this product in the sphere of craft beers.

Think BUCKS FIZZ or a MIMOSA but in a can. 

Our Target market is 21-30 year old epicurious drinkers and our design was pivotal for this micro "breweries' success.


We worked on creating a series of imagery that was brash and bold and would prompt the consumer to try this new and more refined style of alcopop which is wholly different to the bottled varieties currently on the market.

The fruit illustrations of the peach and the cherrys are designed in reference to the pixelated imagery of 1980's 8-bit video games. This is in contrast to the simplicity of the graphics of the hand which are inspired by informative graphic illustrations with the aim to bring balance and minimalism to the overall design.


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