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Greetings From 

An Exhibition of Paintings, Riso Prints & Photography

Still Life London, Hackney 1st - 7th June

“Greetings From” comes from the American postcards series of the same name that became popularised as tourist mementos from the 1930s through to the 1950s and beyond. This series of original paintings and risograph prints explores the origins of mythological characters and traces the real-world geographical landscapes from where they came, looking beyond the most commonly known Ancient Greek and Roman interpretations. 


In “Greetings From La Plage Rouge”, the figure of Amphitrite is seen against the backdrop of Jilal, Algeria, with the undulating Atlas Mountains behind her. According to legend, she journeyed to this historic region to escape Poseidon’s advances.The figure of a Minoan Snake Goddess is shown amidst a kaleidoscope of flowers in “Greetings From Knossos”, highlighting history’s limited knowledge of certain archaeological artefacts such as the Minoan statue discovered by Arthur Evans in Crete in 1903.


Many of these mythological figures were adopted and reshaped to fit the Greek and Roman patriarchal view point. By tracing the origins of the myths and revising and reframing their telling, this series reclaims the figures’ supernatural identities as Goddesses. 

Riso Prints are Editions of 30 and available to buy here.

Greeings From Paphos b HC Gordon
Riso Prints by HC Gordon
Greetings From Eden by HC Gordon

Self-Portraits of The Artist

Personal Portraits

A series of medium format black & white photography shot on my Hasselblad in locations from a forest in Surrey, Cheddar Gorge, Somerset to the lush jungles of northern Thailand, close to Chiang Rai. I created a series of sad little me's by drawing ink on to newsprint and creating a photo collage. A number of these original collages are also for sale in my shop.

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